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What Kind Of Glass Vase Is Suitable For Display At Home?
Dec 12, 2017

Glass vase decoration house should be based on their room space and furniture shape and size to choose from. If the living room is relatively small, you can not choose too large vases, to avoid the feeling of crowded repression. You can use the "point-like decoration method", placed in the appropriate location delicate and exquisite vase, just play embellishment, enhanced decorative effect. Large area of the space you can choose larger vases, such as half-height floor vases, or color-painted glass vases, can play decorate effect, making the room becomes elegant and chic.

Crystal vases are more common, but also the most used in home life, and some exquisite crystal vases with some matte way to show the complexity of the pattern, an increase of crystal vase texture, even if a single put Will feel lonely. Some transparent glass vases, did not add to draw, it looks very nice, on the same home will become a beautiful ornament.

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