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What Is The Role Of The Concave Design Of The Bottom Of The Common Wine Glass?
Dec 12, 2017

The bottoms of bottles are mainly for the following reasons:

1, concave bottom is to improve the impact of the bottle, the reason is flat bottle resistance performance is poor, and concave bottle has a higher physical strength, can greatly reduce the probability of collision caused by damage.

2, a uniform base formed around the concave bottom, improving the stability of the bottle when standing.

3, concave bottom can reduce the volume of the capacity of the bottle, so that the bottle looks more atmosphere.

Bottom of the bottle What is the role?

4. The concave bottom is good for removing the champagne bottle from the bottle because the thumb is inserted into the groove to be easier to operate when turning the bottle with other fingers, and also provides convenient service for pouring wine.

5, aged red wine cultivation period is longer, the use of concave end pressure bottle more secure, easier to get rid of aged wine precipitation.

In fact, the bottom of the wine bottle is concave and convex a cultural heritage, the main role is to withstand pressure, higher strength, followed by the elderly wine to facilitate the precipitation of wine. In addition, it is also beneficial to the stability and removal of the maitake before drinking. Deep concave bottle does not mean that it is a good wine, it will not affect the quality of wine. Traditionally, the deeper concave bottled wine bottle implies that this bottle of wine has good aging potential, but in this era of market economy, the bottle is just a container and does not represent the quality of the wine.

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