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The Development Of Daily Glass Bottles
Dec 12, 2017

Daily glass bottles have a long history. In the varieties of glass bottles, Japanese glass bottles are manufactured and applied by mankind earlier. At first, they were made of jewelry and art objects and later expanded to containers and utensils.

Rome was the center of glassmaking in the 5th century BC. The Romans invented blowpipes around the 1st century AD and created the blowing method, making a significant contribution to the glassmaking technology. In the glass cutting, carving, painting, coating and other deep processing, the Romans have made innovations.

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From the early 20th century, Chongqing, Shanghai, Dalian, Jiangsu and other places have been established utensil factory, are melting crucible kiln, artificial pick material, artificial blowing. 1921 thermos into our country, 1927 for production. Lin introduced from the United States to take six mold bottle machine, the production of glass bottles, which is China's first daily glass production of mechanized enterprises.

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