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How To Identify The Quality Of Glass Bottles?
Dec 12, 2017

There are many factors influencing product quality during wine brewing, such as raw material quality, technology, brewing technology, etc. In addition, wine bottle defects (bottle days, bottles and bottoms) and dirt are also a key factor affecting liquor quality. Therefore, before filling in the glass must be tested on empty glass bottles, remove unqualified products in order to fill the wine. At present, most of our wineries still use the quality of artificial glass bottles for testing, which is inefficient, slow and labor-intensive. Machine vision is well suited for the measurement, inspection and identification of mass-production processes. The use of linear CCDs in continuous, on-line scanning is an advantage. Machine vision testing can greatly increase the degree of automation of production, and machine vision is easy to achieve information integration, which can greatly improve product quality and improve production efficiency.

Therefore, in view of the high repetitiveness of glass bottle testing, it is of great significance in practice to develop a set of glass bottle testing devices based on the theory of machine vision to realize the automatic testing of empty bottles.

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