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How To Choose A Coffee Cup Make Coffee More Delicious?
Dec 12, 2017

Different materials, whether it is for taste, or have a certain impact on their own. Good cups can show the essence of coffee dripping exquisite, but not a good cup will ruin a good cup of coffee.

1. Porcelain cup: the most common coffee utensils. A white porcelain, bone china. Smooth surface, light texture, soft color, glaze can be applied to different colors and patterns. Bone china is thin and light. Porcelain cup applicability is the most extensive, for boutique coffee, white porcelain cup the most conducive to observe the color concentration of coffee solution.

2. Tao Cup: baked with clay, the surface is relatively rough, strong texture, quite ancient and Zen sense of silence. The favorite of coffee makers who pursue a sense of culture and history. The disadvantage is that coffee scale is more easily attached to the cup surface, is not conducive to cleaning.

3. Glass: transparent body, double glass has a better insulation effect. And use it to hold espresso and latte, Macchiato fancy coffee, can show a good level of coffee.

4. Plastic cup: the temperature of coffee is usually high, with plastic, paper cup of coffee, the cup is likely to undermine the original taste of coffee, affecting the taste of coffee. The harmful substances contained in these materials will also be released to health, but also very environmentally friendly Oh.

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