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Glassware Cleaning Tips
Dec 12, 2017

Under normal circumstances after the use of glassware, scrub with detergent to it. However, if glassware is used for a long time, a large amount of stains accumulate on the glassware, which requires the use of fine cloth dipped in polish and repeated scrubbing; or use a cloth dipped in warm vinegar wipe, so decontamination effect is more pronounced .

When cleaning the glass fruit jug, stains on the coffee pot, if the stain is not a lot, thirsty tea residue can be placed in the bottle, then add half a bottle of water, cover the bottle cap, if not covered, can also be hand blocked Live bottle mouth, shaking up and down, so that water and tea leaves washing bottle stains. When the stains are removed, then rinse with clear ice on it. If the glass, a lot of stains on the teapot, such as glass, teapot deposited a layer of brown tea scale, this situation is difficult to clean, then, you can use a small amount of foam cloth dipped in scrub or small Soda water scrub, not only clean clean and do not damage the cup noodles.

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