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Crystal Wine Glass And Glass Three Different
Dec 12, 2017

1. From the quality point of view, whether it is lead, or lead-free crystal glass are high-quality glass.

It should be pointed out that most crystal glasses are lead, but the use of such glass does not dissolve the lead in the glass. The reason is that the contact between the liquid and the glass is not long enough unless the liquid is stored in the lead-free crystal glass or decanter for more than a week.

2. crystal cup lighter, good thermal conductivity.

Crystal wine glasses are not made of crystal (quartz), but to add 2% -30% of the glass made of minerals. This mineral is usually lead, its role is to strengthen the glass material, making the glass can satisfy both light and durable conditions.

3. Most crystal glasses can not be machine wash

More specifically, it is a lead or mineral-containing wine glass. The sound of the glass is very crisp because of the light and strong cup wall. Lead crystal glass refraction of light excellent performance, more clear and clear wine when observed. Instead of using lead, a crystalline goblet appears on the market instead of magnesium and zinc, which, in addition to the advantages of a lead-containing crystal cup, can be washed with a dishwasher.

4. In addition, the mineral content of crystal glasses from different manufacturers may be different.

For example, the United Kingdom requires that the crystalline content of crystal glass products to reach 24% or more, while the United States such regulations are more lenient, depending on the manufacturer's instructions.

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