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Vase with knowledge
Dec 12, 2017

1, many people like potted plants at home, hoping to add a bit of natural flavor for home. If we can cope with an ingenious vase, not only the plants in the inside can bring a little bit of greenness to the HOS flats, but the vase itself can be used as a small decoration to embellish the home. Therefore, the choice of vases is very important, glass vases, pottery vases, colorful vases, each with its own style, and most importantly, the arrangement of vases to be consistent with the surrounding environment in order to create a vibrant atmosphere.

2, the glass vase of modern atmosphere is very suitable for placing in the living room near the sofa fireplace, Bogut several frames and decorative cabinets. Together with other decorative objects, they complement each other and beautify your life together.

3, in color, the glass vase has changed the traditional perception of crystal clear. Red with tantalum, blue with cobalt, green with aluminum, and purple with manganese make a big breakthrough in the color of glass vases. In addition, due to the continuous adjustment of color formula, golden yellow, purple, milky white, etc. have also appeared one after another, colorful, forming a fantastic effect. This gives an idea, according to local selection of the best vase left a great leeway.

4, the living room is a place for friends and family gatherings, you can choose some bright vases, bringing a warm atmosphere to the living room. Bouquet may be appropriate larger, people immediately into the living room sight to be attracted, and the flowers blowing, pleasing.

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