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Understanding, Development and Prospect of Glass Bottle and Can Manufacturing Technology
Dec 12, 2017

Glass manufacturing history of the first leap

(A) two mixer theory: "Two mixer" theory in the glass manufacturing process is the first leap in the understanding of the manufacturing of glass bottles. The Origin of "Two Hybrid Theories": In the early 1950s an international conference on the glass industry was held where an engineer put forward the famous contention of "Two Blenders." That is to say, the glass must be mixed twice during the manufacturing process of the glass. First, the importance of the solid mixing of the powder material during the mixing process accounts for 70%; secondly, the importance of the liquid mixing during the melting process accounts for 30%. Because, under high temperature glass liquid, is still very thick, not as easy to homogenize as people think; at room temperature, the powder is relatively easy to mix. The idea of two mixers inspired the endless memories of glass makers and engineers. "At that time, mechanical and electronic technologies were already at a high level, and electromechanical compounding lines came into existence after the 1950s, And soon to promote in various countries.

(B) glass manufacturing began in the knowledge and ideas, and finally quality and environmental protection

1. It is very important for people to have sufficient understanding and good ideas before they can reach the goal. The backwardness of products and technologies comes from the backwardness of understanding and philosophy.

 2. From the current point of view, most of the glass companies have not paid enough attention to the composition, particle size, and moisture control of raw materials, and are still subject to the constraints of raw material suppliers and are one of the bottlenecks in manufacturing high-quality glass products.

3. At the same time, it also does not pay attention to the technical aspects and details of the technical research and take measures to design and manufacture of glass furnace still remain in the individual heroism stage, a variety of "four new technologies" are not fully used, such as furnace structure optimization design , Material Application, Insulation, Bubbling, Electrical Fluxing, Endoscopic Monitoring, Emissions Handling, Waste Heat Utilization, Automated Control, etc.

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