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The biggest disadvantage of glass bottles is easy to break
Dec 12, 2017

Although tempered glass currently on the market already exists, it is still rare for such glass applications to be made on glass bottles. More applications are on windshields and automotive products.

In fact, with the explosion of glass bottles wounding more and more, tempered glass should be more used in the manufacture of glass bottles to ensure the safety of users. For glass bottles of beverages, food will also have a new breakthrough.

Glass bottle packaging In order to be able to win the competition in the paper and plastic packaging, we must make changes. Simply rely on the transparency of the glass itself, beautiful, improve the quality of these advantages simply not enough to combat the impact of other packaging containers. What's more, PET bottles now have a 99% similarity to glass bottles in terms of transparency.

The biggest disadvantage of glass bottles is easy to break. From another point of view, in fact, fragile glass bottle is the biggest breakthrough point, the problem of broken to solve, the development of glass bottles will be immeasurable.

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