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Reasons and solutions of glass bottle crack in glass beverage bottle
Dec 12, 2017

One of the most common flaws in glass bottles is cracked, tidy, vertical cracks. Produced in the initial mold side, the mold in the mold side of the cracks will cause a lot of broken glass. Cracking glass bottles may be caused by two reasons, one is cooling; but caused by mechanical action unreasonable caused by vibration.

Straight cracked glass bottle is a crack extending vertically downward from the upper end of the bottle mouth. You can start from the feed to consider, from the process step by step exclusion. Glass bottles have a direct crack may be because the drip temperature is too low, so to ensure that the feeder to the temperature uniformity. If the cut is not qualified, scissors scars and so on too much will drop the temperature drop, so pay attention to check whether the need to replace the scissors or re-install, check the glass bottle feeder uniform barrel, to identify uneven temperature changes The reason, adjust and solve.

If the glass bottle mold problems can lead to cracks in the glass bottle products, such as the mold die joint surface wear will be blown out of the mouth blowing time, the die size is not too large. Inflation too deep or too shallow will have problems, you can modify the early glass mold cavity design, making it easy to stamp, you can properly increase the size of the punch.

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