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Reasons and solutions of foaming of glass bottle after high temperature painting
Dec 12, 2017

Glass bottles of high temperature spray paint the main reason is:

1, the coating film in contact with water or exposed to high temperature environment;

2, solvent evaporation too fast, high viscosity paint;

3, mixing the paint into the gas is not released to paint;

4, some of the solid material in the coating will automatically decompose to release gas, but through the coating and blistering.

High temperature glass bottle solution to solve:

1, do not touch the coating with water in the construction, the coating should not be exposed to prolonged exposure to high humidity environment;

2, the use of supporting solvents and thinners, paint viscosity adjustment to be moderate;

3, it is best to add alcohol solvents and defoaming additives.

4, after mixing the paint should be cured after a certain period of time before construction

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