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Identify Defects - Which Are Serious Flaws
Dec 12, 2017

In the production of glass bottles and cans, often due to the instability of process control, non-standard operation, equipment configuration unreasonable, equipment failure and so on, resulting in a variety of product defects, affecting product quality, but also affect the efficiency of enterprises.

Therefore, understanding the defects and correcting the deficiencies are the basic functions for achieving "steady growth and increasing profits".

The same defect in the glass enterprises across the country have different names, it will affect the exchange and discussion. According to the classification requirements of the customers of domestic and foreign glass enterprises and glass enterprises, the experts of our committee divided the glass bottle forming defects into three categories: serious defects, major defects and general defects.

Determine a variety of defects have a number, we defect to the picture and definition, you can find a number, so communication, it will not because of glass companies around the different names have deviation.

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