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Glass spice jar
Dec 12, 2017

Seasoning cans are used in the kitchen to hold a variety of seasonings in small jars with glass, ceramic, plastic, bone china, stainless steel and more. A variety of seasoning pot has become a designer's best "homework", from material, style and creativity have spent a lot of thought. In the fashion trend, the small ceramic saucers seem particularly attractive, and its simple, lovely shape and rustic materials seem to appeal to modern tastes. Small ceramic condiment pot prices are relatively cheap, easily be able to become a dot on the table supplies.

Jane to Shangpin, simple and supreme, is the most popular seasoning pot series, seasoning pot ceramic series is now more and more favored by the quality of the family, for the kitchen to enhance color, but also increased the taste of cooking at the same time, on the The table is also delightful.

Jane to Shangpin, in the simple and simple style of definition, with high-quality requirements of the development of "Jane to Shangpin" brand, mainly to seasoning cans series.

Seasoning jars series is to help have a better seasoning effect and enjoyment, using delicate and smooth high-temperature porcelain with natural and rustic bamboo, a few minutes around the kitchen Zen flavor; concise and unique structure, the design has a fusion of quality Vegetarian, it is perfect for any style of restaurant or table, high quality, natural and environmentally friendly, is a good helper for the kitchen.

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