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Glass bottle surface scratch correction skills
Dec 12, 2017

First, take a piece of waste glass to make a scratch on it, and then begin to practice correction. We first determine what kind of scratch, if it is a deep scratch, small area and the amendment is not very high, we choose 1 inch or 2 inches (that is, a small grinding or grinding). Ensure adjustable speed angle grinder file speed is in a file, the use of green grinding, sticking to the appropriate scale grinding bottom care, grinding with glass, full contact, do not skew, pay attention to water, check frequently Grinding conditions, rub the moment clean, through the light to check whether the scratch has been abraded, and if not, continue to grind until the scratches have been abraded to stop. When it is checked that the scratches are grinded by the grinding plates, change the pink or blue grinding plates. The grinding area should cover the green grinding area and expand 5mm ~ 10mm more than the green grinding area, and so on. Observe the observation Grinding conditions, must be all the previous traces of grinding cover, and then use orange grinding. Final polishing. The larger the polishing pad, the larger the polishing area, and the less deformed the polishing area after grinding is or can not be seen.

According to the depth of scratches to determine the use of grinding tablets, the following combinations:

1, severe scratches: in accordance with the green, pink, blue, orange grinding tablets for grinding, the final polishing; perhaps in accordance with the green, blue, orange grinding for grinding, the final polishing.

2, moderate scratch: to pink, blue, orange grinding tablets for grinding, the final polishing.

3, a slight scratch: to be able to follow the blue, orange grinding grinding, the final polishing.

4, wool Road: grinding with an orange grinding, and then polished. Direct polishing may be directly using the polishing paste.

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