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24% lead crystal glass bottles and bottles of what effect on the body
Dec 12, 2017

1, acid contact lead glass surface will lead to precipitation. Most of the wine contains acid. pH3.5 precipitation rate peak. 

2, the precipitation process is a logarithmic function of time, two days later reached 80 micrograms per liter, 100 days to 600.3, the total precipitation is limited, the amount of precipitation with the number of log decreased, the first precipitation concentration of 600 micrograms per liter, The tenth less than 300. The study used the same 24% lead glass. Of course, the shape of the volume is different, so the data for reference only.

So, conclusion:

1, influential. When used for the first time, hundreds of micrograms per liter can be easily reached when placed for hours. Assuming a concentration of 100 micrograms per liter, the total fluid volume is 150 milliliters, or 15 micrograms. Assuming that a drinker weighs 75 kilos and blood is 7% of body weight (neglecting density, assuming a water density), blood lead levels increase by 2.9 micrograms per liter. This amount exceeds 2 μg per liter that can have a statistically significant effect on the human body.

2, but the impact of 1 is not large. Several reasons. First, the body can eat up to 80 micrograms of normal food intake, so the amount of alcohol consumption increase is not large. Second, although the impact of the amount of statistically significant, but mainly refers to the impact on children in development, the impact on adults is minimal. 3, but the risk can not be ignored. Mainly for two reasons: First, if the wine is stored for a long time significantly increased precipitated lead, so the use of such vessels should reduce the contact time; Second, do not give children, because the acidic substances such as juice can also lead precipitation, the impact on children More significant. 4, the main value of the use of lead glass is beautiful, because the lead instead of calcium in the glass by increasing refraction role. The value of the individual that can not be easily arrived at the risk of use.

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